PRTG Manual: Priority and Favorites

You can set priorities for all objects in your setup as well as mark devices or sensors as favorites. Both settings affect how your objects will be displayed. Note: Settings for priority and favorites are stored for the entire installation; they are not user specific.

Priority for All Objects

The priority setting will affect in which order your objects will be displayed when viewing lists. Objects with a higher priority are listed first, others underneath, depending on their own priority.

To change priority settings, right click on an object to open the context menu and select Priority. You can now choose between 5 stars ***** (top priority) and one star * (lowest priority). By default, all objects are set to medium priority (3 stars ***).

Priority Context Menu

Priority Context Menu

Favorites for Devices and Sensors

To call a list of all your favorite devices or sensors, select Devices | Favorite Devices or Sensors | Favorite Sensors from the main menu. These lists are sorted by priority as well.

You can mark any device or sensor as favorite to add it to the favorite list. Right click on it to open the context menu. Select Priority/Favorite | Add to Favorites. A small flag symbol will be added next to the object's name.

Priority/Favorites Context Menu

Priority/Favorites Context Menu




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