PRTG Manual: ONE—Download, Installation, and First Login

Simply download and install your version of PRTG.


On the Paessler website, you find two different installers for PRTG, a public download for the Freeware, Special, and Trial editions, and another download for the commercial editions (which is only available for paying customers).

PRTG Download at Paessler Website

PRTG Download at Paessler Website

Downloading the Freeware, Special, or Trial Edition

Please download the latest publicly available file from the Paessler website. You can also request a trial key there, which must be entered during installation:

Note: Every Freeware installation will start as a Trial version, giving you an unlimited number of sensors for 30 days. After the trial period has expired, your installation will automatically revert to a Freeware edition with 10 sensors.

Note: A Special Edition is an extended Freeware version. If you meet certain requirements you can receive a Special Edition key from us which gives you an extended number of sensors for free. For details, please see:

Downloading the Commercial Edition

Downloads and updates are free to customers with an active maintenance contract. Please log into the Paessler website to get the latest download. You can also find your license key there, which must be entered during installation:

If you do not have an active maintenance contract, please contact

Note: Once installed, you will usually use the Software Auto-Update function of PRTG to download and install new versions. This will further ease the process of installing updates.


Please double click the setup file on the computer that will be your PRTG server. Follow the installation wizard and install the software.

At the end of the installation, a browser window will be opened automatically, and it will connect to the PRTG web interface, showing the Configuration Guru. Please make sure you load the web interface with one of the compatible browsers

  • Google Chrome 21 or later (recommended),
  • Mozilla Firefox 4 or later, or
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 or 10.

Note: Due to scripting incompatibilities, you cannot use the PRTG Ajax web interface with Internet Explorer 8 or earlier. If you cannot access the Configuration Guru, please open the URL of the PRTG web interface in another browser.


If everything works fine, you will not see the login screen on first startup. Only when switching browsers you will have to log in.

PRTG Login Screen

PRTG Login Screen


  • Leave the Login Name and Password fields empty.
  • Choose the AJAX Web GUI (All features, optimized for desktop access) option.
  • Click on the Default Login button to login.

Please make sure you use a supported web browser when logging in to PRTG. Please use Google Chrome 21 or later (recommended) or Mozilla Firefox 4 or later. Only with a supported browser you can use the AJAX Web GUI (All features, optimized for desktop access) option. If you see this option grayed out (for example, with Internet Explorer 8 or earlier), please change your browser and open the URL again.

Please see the next step for more information about Using the Configuration Guru.



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