PRTG Manual: Login

Once the PRTG core server is installed, you can log in to the web interface. In your browser, load the IP address or DNS name of the computer PRTG is installed on and log in using the Default Login button.

You can look up and change PRTG's web server settings at any time using the PRTG Server Administrator Windows application on the system PRTG core server is installed on. Especially when accessing PRTG from the internet you should use an SSL encryped connection. You can easily switch to SSL using the Yes, switch to SSL button shown on the welcome screen.

Loading the Web Interface

In a web browser window, please enter the IP address or URL of the system PRTG is installed on. When using a cluster, please connect to the primary master node. You can also double click on the PRTG Network Monitor icon on the desktop of the system PRTG is installed on.

Desktop Icon

Desktop Icon

If you see a certificate warning in your browser, you can usually just confirm it. For more information please see SSL Certificate Warning.

Login Screen

After loading the web interface, the login screen is shown. You can either login as default administrator or as an other PRTG user. As Administrator user you can use all functionalities of the web interface. Administrators can create additional users with administrator rights or with more restricted privileges.

Additionally, there are different GUI versions available.

PRTG Login Screen

PRTG Login Screen

Login as Default Administrator (First Time Login)

When logging in for the first time, login name and password for the default administrator login are both prtgadmin. You can leave the login name and password fields empty and click on the Default Login button to log in using these default credentials.

Note: After login you should change the default password. To do so, go to Setup | Account Settings | My Account and specify a new password.

Note: If locked out of the web interface, you can change the credentials for this default user account any time in the PRTG Server Administrator Windows application.

Login as PRTG User

If you have received user credentials from your administrator, please enter them here to login. Also, when using other administrator credentials, please enter them here.

Choose GUI version

Depending on the used browser, different Graphical User Interface (GUI) options are shown:

AJAX Web GUI (All features, optimized for desktop access): The standard interface. We recommend using it whenever possible. It offers full functionality. Use Google Chrome 21 or later (recommended) or Mozilla Firefox 4 or later for best performance. In some browsers, the Ajax option is not shown (e.g. not in Internet Explorer 8 or earlier).

  • Note: Although you can login using Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 or 10, this interface might not be fully compatible with Internet Explorer! When using Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 or 10, please set the security level at least to Default level Medium-high and make sure you do not use the Compatibility View! For detailed information, please see More section below.
  • Mobile Web GUI (Limited functionality, optimized for mobile access): The Mobile Web GUI interface is optimized for slow network connections. It only offers read-only functionality and comes with less scripting. It is also a fallback solution when using a browser that is not supported by the Ajax interface (e.g. when using Internet Explorer 8 or earlier).
  • Enterprise Console & Mobile Apps (for Windows, iOS, Android): Option to download the native Windows interface to the desktop (former Windows GUI). It has to be installed on the client computer before use. The Enterprise Console provides full functionality; however, for some functions the Ajax Web GUI is opened. As an additional feature, the Enterprise Console can view data of several independent PRTG core installations in a single application. You can also access iTunes store or Android market here, in order to download the PRTG apps on your mobile device. Note: Also when using this download option, login name and password (or a Default Login) are required!

Note: Only Google Chrome 21 or later (recommended) and Mozilla Firefox 4 or later are fully compatible with the Ajax Web GUI. For more information about Internet Explorer support, please see More section below.

Click on the Login button to proceed to the PRTG web interface.


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